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Presto Music Award to How to make your choir sound awesome

Award winning: Presto Music Choral Publication of the year, 2022

How to make your choir sound awesome front cover
Suzzie Vango and Lucy Hollins, authors

"I’ve been waiting for a resource like this all my working life! It will fire the imaginations of every conductor who samples it and will help us light up our choral rehearsals"

Simon Halsey –

Choral Director

"This is so much more than just a book of warm-ups. People who lead choirs are some of the most wonderful humans on the planet, they know about people and music and performing and having fun. This invaluable book is there to explain all the things that you already use and to introduce you to some new ones (and) gives you the perfect framework for transforming your choir."

Dr Jenevora Williams –

Singing Teacher, Author & Voice Rehabilitation Specialist

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